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The Mourning of Itzhack  Rabin

This work expresses the emotional tidal wave that swept Israel from the moment we learned of the murder of Prime Minister Yitchak Rabin, on the 4th of November 1995. The sense of bereavement was both a national experience and a private, personal affair. The shock and disbelief, sense of loss and frustration, and the need to be an active participant in expressing these feelings, swept all levels of society.  All of us participated in the unique social experience that evolved, during those days of shock and bereavement, all of us were touched by the endless glow of the candles.      

This work is a product of this web of feelings, combined with a dimension of observation and awe of the tremendous emotional whirlpool which surrounded  us. This work attempts to preserve these qualities, together with the symbols and messages involved.
Technique: Collage -  newspaper photographs, ink drawing, parts of etchings, black paper, cardboard. 100 cm x 124 cm, November, 1995 June, 1996



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