The Intifada (War) Series

The subject matter of this project deals with the universal common denominator: suffering and pain caused by war situations. Specifically the heavy and painful price that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has imposed on all people involved, Jews and Arabs alike, in this troubled land:  loss of human life, bereaved parents, family and friends, loss of home, the bereaved land, the soldiers, their feelings and role in the political game, the violence, the fight, the suffering of children, the loss of human dignity, the loss of a future, hope.

The prints and collages are based on imagery conveyed through the media and the feelings they evoked in me, and some integrate actual newspaper photographs . I created them working out of my Jerusalem based studio, since the beginning of the first Intifada (1990). Etching techniques used are drypoint, ground, aquatint, chine-colle, black & white and multi-colored prints. Other printmaking techniques used are linoleum cut, silkscreen and stenciling.

The Intifada Series has been chosen to be exhibited as part of the 3rd  Impact International Printmaking Conference 2003, Capetown, South Africa. The name of the exhibit is "The Labrynth".


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