Education Thru Art

The Unique Opportunity of Art

 The artistic process addresses major educational challenges. It creates motivation, excitement, interaction and pride to all involved, along with a meaningful experience and artistic contribution to the community.

A wide variety of artistic techniques, both traditional and contemporary, provide exciting stimulation for expression and creativity, both for individual participants and as community artwork. The artistic outcome is worthy value both in the artistic sense, and from the educational point of view. Further, it offers both to those involved in the creative process and to those who will view it, a sense of personal pride and appreciation of their surroundings.

 The Artistic process as an Educational Experience  

  • Accessibility to all – regardless of artistic competencies, openness and acceptance

  • Stimulation for learning and searching for a personal meaning, understanding or statement, relevance and involvement

  • Creating a sense of identity and closeness to the subject matter

  • Communication, dialogue and interaction – across and within generations

  • Enhancement of pride

  • An exciting and motivating creative experience

  • A meaningful artistic visual outcome

  • Valuable cultural documentation

Bridging the Gap between School and Community

 An important contribution of an art education community project is that it will help bridge the gap between the school, the community and the pupils’ homes. While traditional concepts are dominant at home, schools impose a different and contradictory set of concepts on the students. Using art as its working tool both in education and community, this project will help create stronger involvement of parents in the school and community center and help bridge the gap between generations. For both students and their parents it will introduce a way to attain a stronger sense of identity and pride in their community, school and heritage, that will be relevant, stimulating and exciting to all.

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