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   The elderly are the books of the young” – A Bedouin Proverb


The Bedouin’s cultural heritage is on the brink of extinction because of rapid socioeconomic changes and urbanization.  Additional factors that hinder the preservation of this unique culture include limited documentation, the minority status of Bedouins in Israel and in other countries, and a growing generational gap. The vision for this project, as conceived and initiated by Daphna,  originated from her dialog with Bedouin educators wishing to preserve their cultural heritage and to promote cultural identity and pride among Bedouin youth. 

 CollagesGoals and Objectives

The central goal of the project is to preserve and promote Bedouin cultural heritage through artistic activity in a community setting, through the community center, schools and outreach activities. Its primary aims are to provide young people and adults with knowledge, skills, and a platform for cultural heritage preservation--through the use of traditional and new artistic techniques. The project will serve as a trigger and a motivating force to foster listening, learning and gathering of information about diverse aspects of the Bedouin cultural heritage. The project will serve to produce various forms of artwork among community members who will learn to engage in art as part of their community life. It will be designed to draw people from the community with no previous artistic training who wish to learn to express themselves and their cultural heritage as well as trained artists. Another important goal is to create a cross-generational dialogue and transmission of Bedouin tradition and culture in order to create meaningful long-lasting artwork for the benefit of present and future generations. 


Here are a few samples of artwork by high school students participating in the project. For more samples and further details regarding the project please visit the project web site.


The project involves a three-stage interactive process. Stage I: Preparatory Workshops in which information, ideas and understandings are generated, demonstrated and discussed. Stage II: The ideas are transformed into artistic imagery and artistic products. Stage III: Artistic products are presented and shared with the community, in various forms of community and cultural events, involving exhibits, fairs, story-telling, music and dance.


The project  twice received the "Artist Teacher Project Grant" of the Ministry of Culture and Education, Israel, and a grant by The Foundation of Educational Initiatives, Israel

The one who has no fathers’ tradition and no camels giving birth -  from where will happiness come to him? “  A Bedouin Proverb

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